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With Professional Instruction for every level of Golfer, John Jacobs’ Golf Schools is a premiere academy to help take your game to the next level.
A Rich History
With nearly 40 years of teaching people to play better golf, our instructors are experienced, well-trained, and motivated to help you improve.
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Check out our Online Store to pick up a Gift Card for that special someone, or shop our DVD collection and begin your path to better golf and lower scores.
Junior Programs
Our Junior Golf Programs are the best way to help prepare your child for the 'Next Stage' in what they want to evolve for their life-long objective.
Why Choose John Jacobs' Golf Schools?

Why Choose John Jacobs' Golf Schools?

With nearly 40 years of teaching people to play better golf, our instructors are experienced, well-trained, and motivated to help you improve. We offer a wide variety of programs and instruction tailored to your individual needs. When you participate in one of our schools or academies, you will leave a better player and with the knowledge to continue improving.

Simplicity has always been paramount in the fundamentals of the Jacobs’ teaching methodology. It is an approach centered around one key factor – how the ball reacts after it has left the club face. It was an idea that changed the face of golf instruction in the 1960’s and inspires coaches to this very day. Jacobs’ time-honored teaching philosophy has been praised by some of the most recognizable figures in the game and learned by over half a million students and counting.

Learn From The Best

Learn From The Best

Helping over 250,000 golfers since 1971, John Jacobs’ Golf Schools & Academies is the world leader in golf instruction.

Golf Schools & Lessons

Golf Schools & Lessons

Whether you are just getting started or have been playing for years, we offer a wide range of programs for all skill levels.

Junior Golf Programs

Junior Golf Programs

We offer juniors (ages 6-16) after-school clinics and summer camps at Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Golf School Locations

Hillcrest Golf Club
Legend Trail Golf Club
Orange Tree Golf Resort
Red Mountain Ranch Country Club
Peninsula Golf Course

John Jacobs’ Golf Schools offers a wide variety of
instruction programs to meet the needs of every golfer.

Legendary Testimonials

Jack Nicklaus

"John Jacobs success rate with all levels of golfers continues to be outstanding."

Tiger Woods

"After being taught by Jacobs disciple Hank Haney and reading Jacobs' writings myself, the improved ability to learn from ball flight was my most important breakthrough in 2005."

Hank Haney

"John Jacobs is not the best golf teacher in the world. He's the greatest teacher in the history of the game."

Butch Harmon

"John's stuff is simple and easy to understand because it's right. It works for every player who ever lived or will live."

John Jacobs’ Golf Schools
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