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"John Jacobs is not the best golf teacher in the world. He's the greatest teacher in the history of the game."
- Hank Haney -

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes John Jacobs’ Golf Schools & Academies better than other golf schools?

We have over 35 years of experience teaching people to play better golf. Our instructors are experienced, well trained, and motivated to helping you improve. We offer a wide variety of programs, and our instruction is tailored to your individual needs. When you participate in one of our schools or academies, you will leave a better player and with the knowledge to continue improving.

What is the difference between your golf schools and your academies?

Our golf schools offer regularly scheduled classes covering all aspects of the game, and are great for people who enjoy learning in a small group setting. Our golf academies offer private, semi-private or group lessons, scheduled at your convenience and tailored to your specific needs.

What is a typical day like at a John Jacobs’ Golf School?

A typical day consists of approximately 5 hours of instruction, lunch at the golf course, plus your tee time and cart to play golf after instruction is included. Instruction time is split fairly evenly between full-swing and short game. Video analysis is included in all schools. Schools of three days or longer include on-course instruction.

How many students are typically in your golf schools?

Class size varies based on location and time of year. While there can be as many as twenty students in a class, most classes are much smaller, and there are never more than four students with one instructor.

Why do you offer so many program options at so many different prices?

We offer variety in our schedules so that we have something to fit every students needs. Some people only have time for two days of instruction, while others feel that they need five days in order to improve. The quality of instruction and the schedule of instruction is the same, but prices vary due to the location and the amenities offered at that particular golf course or resort.

Do you change a person’s game completely?

No, we stress the fundamental mechanics of the golf swing and improve on the skills that you already possess.

I play to a nine handicap. What can you do for me?

We will help you improve the consistency of your swing and fine-tune your scoring shots around the green. We will also focus on your mental approach to the game, such as your visualization and pre-shot routine, to take strokes off your score.

I’ve never played golf before. Will I be lost?

No, we teach many new golfers every year in a relaxed and supportive environment. We teach swing fundamentals and provide a solid golf foundation.

Are your schools popular with women?

Our latest research tells us that approximately 40% of our students are women and that number continues to increase each year.

Are your golf schools suitable for seniors?

Most certainly. The pace of instruction is on an individual basis and you may stop and rest at any time.

Do you take junior golfers in your schools?

We will take juniors (age 12 and up) who have some playing experience and as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian adult in the school.

How much improvement can I expect from your school?

Results vary with each student, but we’ve had students drop their handicap by ten strokes or more after just one school.

What golf equipment do I need?

You will need golf shoes and golf gloves. If you don’t have clubs, we suggest you do not purchase a set before attending school. Part of the school curriculum is to make certain each student is given advice as to the club type which is best suited to their individual needs. You can rent clubs to be used during your school and, if desired, we can make recommendations on which clubs will suit you best.

Do your golf schools require soft spikes?

Soft spikes have become increasingly popular and most all of our golf school locations require soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes. Please ask your Jacobs’ representative if a particular shoe type is required at the school location of your choice.

What clothes do I need?

On the course, traditional golf attire is expected. Off course, casual attire is considered appropriate for most school-sponsored social functions. Our representatives can inform you at which resorts this rule applies. With regard to varying climates, our representatives can also provide approximate temperature ranges for each site.

Do I have to stay at your hotel?

No, our commuter option is designed for students wishing to make their own arrangements or choose alternative accommodations.

What is the difference between hotel & condominium or time-share accommodations?

Hotels typically provide full service attention 24-hour front desk, restaurants, room and daily maid service. Condominiums or time-shares usually provide more spacious accommodations, along with kitchen facilities, but not necessarily daily maid service.

Do I need a car at golf school?

We offer a few locations with accommodations right on the golf course, but at most of our locations the accommodations we offer are off site and you are responsible for your own transportation back and forth. Please ask your reservation specialist for specific details and recommendations for your location.

What if it rains during my golf school?

If instruction is canceled due to poor weather conditions, we will credit instruction toward another school for the day(s) missed, or we will translate the time missed into a dollar value that may be applied to another full session.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to repeat students, and for groups of four students or more, and we do occasionally run seasonal specials or discounts on feature locations. If you would like to receive notification of specials by email, please send at email to info@jacobsgolf.com and we will add you to our email list.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we have gift certificates that can be used at any of our locations. Please ask your Jacobs’ representative.

Are taxes and gratuities included in your golf school prices?

At most locations, our prices are all-inclusive and there should not be any additional charges added to your bills. Additional gratuities for good service from golf course, restaurant, hotel staff and instructors are not required, but they can be offered at the students discretion.

What is your cancellation policy if I am unable to attend school?

Cancellation/change waivers are available at the time of booking for $35 per participant. The waiver protects your investments up to 72 hours prior to arrival date against cancellations or changes. Otherwise, the following cancellation charges apply:

More than 14 days notice prior to session start date $75 per participant cancellation fee.
7 to 14 days notice – $150 per participant cancellation fee.
6 days or less – $200 per participant cancellation fee.
If student is unable to attend scheduled school, reservation may be placed on hold to avoid cancellation fees, until it can be rescheduled. No refunds given after five years from the date the reservation was placed on hold.

Any change to school location, duration, dates and accommodations made after the time of booking will be subject to a $50 change fee per person, per change if a cancellation / change waiver is not purchased at the time of booking.

Waivers only cover John Jacobs’ Golf School components, not third party bookings and/or other travel arrangements.

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